A Once in a Lifetime Experience

In this digital era, the need for intimacy, simplicity and old world charm is increasing day by day. The thrill of blowing out a candle, the freedom to dance with abandon and the gentle pull of nostalgia is all but lost.

At Arima Thumbi, we endeavour to bring the magic back. In the hands of a passionate architect, this 150 year old property transitioned gracefully from a colonial mansion to a magical vintage event venue. Unlike other purpose built halls, Arima Thumbi serves as a unique backdrop to your events. It’s old world charm blends perfectly with your event leaving you with a once in a lifetime experience.

With Arima Thumbi, it’s all about YOU. You get to celebrate your special day YOUR way as we’ve done away with most of the common event venue restrictions or limitations that you may usually encounter. Personalized decorations, Customizable setting and Transparent pricing are our hallmarks.

An intimate venue that can host upto 150 guests, Arima Thumbi is the ideal place to host Birthday parties, Sangeets, Receptions, Mehendi, Corporate events, Photo shoots, Baby showers, Parties, Intimate Weddings and so much more.

Come… experience the magic.


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